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Helping Students Shine

Welcome to Woodbury Autism Education and Research, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional education and support for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Our unique service is designed to address the diverse needs of these children, helping them thrive, grow towards independence and reach their full potential.

At the heart of our service is Ruben’s Place, our specialized school readiness group program, catering to children from the age of 4. Here, we create a nurturing and inclusive environment where young learners with autism can develop essential skills, socialize, and prepare for their educational journey ahead. Our experienced team understand the challenges these children face and is committed to providing tailored support that fosters growth and development.

Woodbury, our primary school placement is a beacon of excellence in autism education. It is the only school in the region dedicated to implementing the proven and highly effective teaching methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This evidence-based approach has demonstrated remarkable results in enhancing communication, behaviour, and academic skills in individuals with autism.

Through our holistic approach, we strive to empower every child with the tools they need to navigate their educational journey with confidence. We believe that with the right guidance and an individualized educational plan, every child has the potential to achieve remarkable growth and transition into a supported environment in a mainstream school.

Ruben's Place

Part time, school readiness program for pre kinder children. NDIS approved provider.

Woodbury School

Kindergarten to Year 6 infants and primary school. The only school of its kind, we use ABA therapy to achieve independance and success.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a safe, caring, enjoyable and effective educational environment where students with autism can thrive and grow towards independence.

To achieve this vision we utilise an educationally sound, research validated teaching and learning methodology.

We offer a learning environment specifically tailored to meet the needs of our students.

Our highly trained teaching team provide expertise in the areas of behaviour support, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy and special education.

This dedicated team of professionals are on-site and in the classrooms daily providing students the individualised supports they need for success.

School Tours

School tours for both Woodbury and Ruben’s Place are held in Term 1 and Term 3 school holidays.


“Our child is really happy at Woodbury, with quality educators and great individual systems in place to ensure the schooling is maximized. We couldn’t recommend the school more.”


The peace of mind of being able to leave my child, the most precious of all my possessions in Woodbury’s care and know that they will take care of him and continue to develop his skills while you attend to other matters of life uninhibited by concerns for your child’s well-being and happiness.


“Thank you for the amazing job you do so effortlessley.”


Our Dedicated Educators

Our leadership team come together each with their own experiences and knowledge, which combined will ensure your child will thrive and grow towards towards independence.


Clinical Director

Jenna is the Clinical Director at Woodbury and leads the Woodbury School and Ruben’s Place team.

Rebecca (Bec)

Appointed Senior Teacher

Rebecca is an Appointed Senior Teacher at Woodbury who started as a teacher at the school in 2010.


Clinical Supervisor

Deblina is a dedicated Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst and Certified Behaviour Analyst.

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