About Us

Woodbury aims to provide students with the necessary learning skills to lead a happy and independent life.

Our goal is for all our students to participate in less restrictive settings:

 in the form of transitioning to a support class or unit within a mainstream school

 in the form of community participation and increased independence.

To achieve this we provide a variety of different class structures focusing on the teaching of individual skills and systematic fading of staffing ratios.

Our classes cover:

high support needs – where students are provided a higher staff-to-student ratio allowing for more one-to-one instruction and greater support within a group setting.

 low support needs –  where the staff-to-student ratio is lower in readiness for the transition to a new school environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school fees for the year?

Depending on your NDIS package support, part of your fees may be claimable through the NDIS. As we are a NFP fees may be claimable through your tax.

Ruben’s place fees are fully claimable if the correct NDIS supports are in place.

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How are the classes arranged?

We provide a variety of different class structures. The children are grouped based on their abilities and the classes range from high support to low support.

What is the general enrolment process?

Students looking to enrol at Woodbury must have a primary diagnosis of Autism. As a small school, enrolment is dependent on an appropriate vacancy within a classroom being available.This ensures children are placed with appropriate peers, and in a setting which best meets their needs.

Are there any vacancies?

Please contact us to find out. 

Transport Arrangements

Transport can be arranged by parents through the education department. Please follow the this link for more information. https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/astp/parents/application