School Readiness Program

Rubens Place School Readiness Group is opening 2019.

The transition from early intervention to a school setting is a momentous occasion, Rubens place is here to help bridge the gap.

The power of 1:1 support in early intervention should never be underestimated and there is over 40 years research showing the efficacy of intensive intervention. However this style of teaching and support is not sustainable for the duration of a child’s schooling and the ability to generalise these skills to a group based skill setting is paramount to success.

Rubens place provides intensive group instruction, tailored to your child’s individual needs.

The carefully designed curriculum guides the selection of individualised goals for each child working towards the ability to successfully participate within a group setting.

The main focus of the curriculum is group participation. The number and variety of skills needed to successfully participate and learn in a group setting is often underestimated. Students need to learn new rules and expectations, they need to learn to interact in a new social setting, they need to generalise previously learnt skills to new settings, stimuli and teaching styles. Once these skills are successfully learnt a whole new set of skills is required to learn new skills in a group attending despite distractions, to follow group instruction, remaining on task for independent activities and demonstrating the ability to learn new skills with group without the benefit of intensive 1:1 instruction.

Areas of focus include:

  • communication skills
  • behaviour management
  • independence in daily living and classroom activities
  • play skills
  • social skills
  • group participation
  • early academics

For more information please contact us.