Autism and ABA


Autism is a neuro-development disorder. Autism is diagnosed as a spectrum of disorders and the impact it has from one individual to another can vary greatly.

Autism impairs the natural instinct to communicate and form relationships. An individual on the spectrum can sometimes withdraw into a world of their own.

The following characteristics are common in a person with Autism:

 Difficulty with social relationships
 Difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication
 Lack of independent and appropriate play
 Resistance to change in routines
 Repetitive behaviour
 Sensory impairment

Individuals with Autism may require specialised supports and services, the availability of these services continues to grow within Australia.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

 The practise of ABA has decades of research documenting its success in supporting a variety of individuals to reach their full potential.

 When applied by a qualified practitioner, ABA has the potential to make a meaningful difference to individual students lives. 

 Emphasis on positive behaviour supports, why a behaviour is occurring and how to teach new skills and coping strategies.

 Focuses on Individual strengths and systematically breaks down skills into small manageable steps to promote success.

 Can be applied across a variety of contexts including classrooms, community and home settings.