Karen’s presentation titled,  Alphabet Stew:  SLPs and BCBAs working together for Functional Use of SGDs, is around building connections and changing practice which is something we are continually striving for at Woodbury. We do this through skilled teachers, a behavioural team (BCBA),a speech pathologist, (and countless others involved including, parents, administration, outside therapists, and junior therapists). In the field we often hear of SLPs and BCBAs disagreeing and/or having difficulty collaborating. This presentation will discuss the specific connection between BCBAs and SLPs from the perspective of meeting student needs using our specific skill sets. The discussion will center around 2 case studies of 2 different student profiles (both with ASD) and discuss how we approach teaching both types of learners collaboratively, by incorporating and intertwining strategies from our separate tool kits to ensure our students get the best outcomes.  As professionals, we work hard to remain open to change our practise and learn from one another. The use of speech generating devices (SGD), the verbal Behaviour Milestones and Placement Program (VB-Mapp), speech pathology strategies, and applied behaviour analysis (ABA) will be discussed.

All these acronyms provide the title of Karens talk – Alphabet Stew!

Established in 1981, AGOSCI is an inclusive group interested in enhancing the participation of all people with complexcommunication needs. AGOSCI also aims to build the capacity of society to achieve their vision, which is that people with complexcommunication needs participate fully in all aspects of life. AGOSCIs membership includes individuals with complexcommunication needs, family and community members, teachers, speech pathologists and other professionals.