Thank you to all who applied – this position is no longer available.


We are seeking a BACB Qualified Clinical Supervisor.

This is a School based position offering autonomy in the workplace and a supportive team network. Work in a role where you can make a difference; supporting a small number of students, alongside a dedicated team of professionals, with the added benefit of regular work hours and flexibility during term breaks.

About Woodbury:

Woodbury School for Autism offers outstanding educational services for students with autism spectrum disorder aged 3-12 years of age. Our early intervention centre and K-6 school offer a high degree of structure, excellent staff to student ratio and the systematic use of behavioural teaching techniques to promote success and enjoyment in learning. A large focus is placed on student wellbeing, ensuring that each student has the appropriate supports in place to foster development and growth. Our vision is to provide a safe, caring and enjoyable educational environment for all students. Students are assigned to classrooms based on the level of support they need to be successful within their daily teaching activities. Goals related to education, self- management, communication, language and functional life skills are customised to meet each child’s needs. A collaborative approach between teaching staff, ABA/ behaviour specialists and speech and language pathology is utilised to maximise student’s progress.

As part of the Woodbury team you can look forward to a caring, supportive inclusive work environment. Working as a specialist in a school affords you the opportunity to provide programming, intervention and support in the moment. With daily collaboration in the classroom, and the capacity to problem solve and make changes in the moment, staff and students benefit from the intensive support of their clinical supervisor promoting learning and progress across the school day. The Clinical supervisor role offers a varied and interesting caseload which for the right candidate can provide the autonomy and independence to shape your work environment and promote personal success and growth. The right applicant will be willing to learn and will seamlessly fit into an already established collaborative environment. The successful applicant will work closely our current speech pathologist and will have the unique opportunity to be involved in the continued development of Woodbury. This position would be a good fit for individuals seeking to take the next step in their career.

The position:

We are looking for a qualified Behaviour Analyst to work in the role of clinical Supervisor on a full-time basis. 

  • Monday to Friday
  • Permanent Position
  • Competitive benefits package
  • School based position following NSW term times
Job Requirement:   The successful candidate will:
  • Be certified with the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board (BACB)
  • Have a solid knowledge of the principles of behaviour analysis including:
    •  a proven ability to apply these principles in a fluid and flexible manner that enhances student wellbeing and promotes engagement and learning
    •  extensive experience with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    •  experience in programming, implementing and supervising individualised programming
    •  knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of behaviour intervention plans including functional assessments and functional analysis.
  • Have knowledge and experience in the implementation of a variety of research-based assessment and curriculum including but not limited the VBMAPP, EFL, PEAK and ESDM.
  • Keep up to date with current research and identify area’s for further professional development.
  • Have comprehensive proficiency in teaching, training and coaching others in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Have good interpersonal skills and demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in a small team
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a team and promote co-operation across multiple roles within the school environment

Why you should apply:

  •  Competitive renumeration package including salary packaging and tax-free deductions
  •  Superannuation paid annual leave and other work-place entitlements.
  •  Continued professional development opportunities,
  •  A varied caseload and fast paced work environment
  •  Opportunity to provide training to staff and parents,
  •  Collaborative, supportive work environment
  •  Flexibility of school-based hours with term time schedule.
How to apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to

If you have any questions, please call 02 9639 6152