Welcome Home to our Clinical Director Lauren, who presented at the ABAI (Applied Behaviour Analysis International) conference in Chicago, USA. ABAI is one of the largest worldwide advocates for the application of ABA.  ABAI is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to contributing to the well being of society by developing enhancing and supporting the growth of the science of behaviour analysis through research, education and practice. ABAI has over 7000 members worldwide and is well recognised as a provider of good quality dissemination of research and professional development within the field of ABA.

Not only was Lauren presenting, it was a great opportunity for Lauren to meet others working in similar fields across the globe, and the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of talks presented by other ABA professionals, and learn new and exciting research and sharing knowledge, learning from them, and essentially building a better teaching practice for a wide variety of students.

Lauren was chosen to present research on a group curriculum which has been developed here, at Woodbury through years of research, practice and implementation.  Over the past 4 years, Lauren and her team have worked to put together a checklist of the skills necessary to participate and learn in a group setting, and the presentation is the culmination of this project. She has taken data on our students progress to assess the effectiveness of our curriculum in teaching the skills necessary to transition on to a more inclusive setting.

This provides our students with the necessary skills to transition on to other school environments and our continued effort to ensure we do this effectively and efficiently by creating individual goals of the highest quality for each student.