Ruben's Place School Readiness Group

The transition from preschool or early intervention to school is one which we have found needs careful planning and preparation to ensure success for our students. Ruben’s Place aims to provide that support prior to the school transition. We provide intensive group instruction based on the principles of ABA, we systematically teach the children the skills they need to successfully start their new school placement.

This program is a part time placement which children attend 2 days per week for the 6 – 12 months prior to starting Kindergarten.

The children attend in a group of 4 with 2 teaching staff to support them.

The focus of our program is group participation, social skills, and independent routines to prepare them for schooling.

It is recommended that students supplement their time at Ruben’s Place with other educational activities.

Activities will depend on each child’s individual needs but could include 1:1 intervention such as OR, SLP, ABA or other group settings such as preschool or playgroup.

Ruben’s Place is a registered NDIS provider and as such your participation in the program may be funded by the NDIS should your current plan allow for this.