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Woodbury’s individualised programs focus on all areas of a child’s development, and address areas such as language, communication, behaviour, self-help and play skills.

We teach children with Autism to learn in a group. 

The school readiness program provides intensive group instruction tailored to your child’s individual needs to successfully transition to a school environment. 

Our information session will provide you with invaluable information on the specialised education program we provide for your child. 

 Our information session is for parents/carers only and children are not permitted to attend. If after attending you wish to apply for placement, a formal intake assessment will apply. Please see our enrolment Process. 

Vacancies available in Rubens Place – 2022.

Do you know a child with Autism who will be starting school in the next 12 - 18 months? A child who may need help with their transition into Kindergarten? A program that understands Autism and has the experience to meet that child’s specific needs A program that will...


OPEN DAY – Please contact us for the link to our virtual open day for RUBENS PLACE EARLY INTERVENTION, AND WOODBURY K-6 SCHOOL