Speech Therapy

Woodbury has a full-time onsite speech and language pathologist. 

The provision of an onsite speech pathologist affords Woodbury the opportunity to provide a truly collaborative service.

Typically, speech sessions with students are conducted outside of the school environment, often on a 1:1 basis for a single 1 hour session per week. While reports are given and suggestions provided, there is often limited overlap between the speech and language pathologist and the educational team.

For many students with Autism the acquisition of effective, functional communication skills is paramount to their ability to successfully participate in a classroom environment. By having our speech pathologists here on site they can directly assess the students capabilities within the classroom, conduct formal speech assessments, create goals, write recommendations and most importantly collaborate with the teaching team to ensure application of these goals within the classroom.

This collaborative approach means we can embed communication and language goals across all aspects of the school day ensuring multiple opportunities to practise, enhancing progress and development.